WARENDORF sets the highest possible standards in the production and design of its custom-made, premium kitchens. Starting with the unique, patented folding carcase, its numerous advantages can be seen in the vast array of customisation options of the unit interiors, in the artisan quality of the cabinet fronts and materials right through to the perfection of every aspect of the design. 
WARENDORF | Urban Monolith. ceramic isle with bronze effect lacquer fronts and turf oak boards
WARENDORF | Club K. copper as affect lacquer and aluminium front in cobination with smoked oak.
WARENDORF | Nuances. Grey as shades of black and white.
W1 by WARENDORF | Carbon. New, more price attractive, product line.
WARENDORF | Pure White. A combination of white smooth lacquer and contour shelves in light oak
WARENDORF | Contour shelves, open shelf solutions with versatile inserts
WARENDORF | Black Glamour. Impressive, glamorous and upper class
WARENDORF | Country. Sophisticated details – because handcraftsmanship is our trademark
WARENDORF | Swing. Kitchens accommodated in sideboards with appliance solutions in floating tall units
WARENDORF | Urban. Purism & simplicity – a clear statement
WAERENDORF | Steel. shimmering effect lacquer conjures the colours of the rainbow
WARENDORF | The history of folding – uniquely WARENDORF
WARENDORF | Concrete. Unique concrete finish for a made-to-measure one-of-a-kind
WARENDORF | Boxes. Synchronous coloring across the programs matt lacquer, glass and laminate
WAERENDORF | Functional channels offer storage that is cleverly integrated into the worktop

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