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The inner values of a kitchen
26. April 2017


Only with furniture that features the latest fitting technology is it possible to use the many different spatial situations efficiently and furnish them tastefully with an emphasis on convenience.

Aesthetically pleasing looks, good design, functionality, precision in every movement and, associated with this, emotional appeal are the result of advanced fitting and drawer technology of the type used by the German kitchen furniture industry. In its clear-cut form, reduced design and high quality materials, it is not only part of modern interior design architecture but also its practical soul: whether hinge, flap door, folding, lifting, Tip-on fitting for handleless kitchens, sliding door fitting or drawer technology, not to forget special solutions, such as corner unit, swivelling and lifting fittings that make cabinet interiors easier to access. Depending on how space is used, furnishing style and user needs, these technical features deliver individually tailored home convenience across generations which can be provided both mechanically as well as electrically.


Hardly a kitchen without modern drawer technology because it offers extremely high practical convenience and is presented in modern looks that can be integrated in any kitchen to suit personal taste and furnishing style.

Modern drawer side profile or bottom-mounted runners let drawers and pull-outs glide out and back in again with effortless ease while also providing high loading capacity. High-quality telescopic rails or drawer runners guarantee exceptionally smooth running action. Needless to say, this also applies to the particularly practical full-extension drawers or pull-out shelves. Modern drawer systems also feature synchronised runner carriage systems and plastic rollers that guarantee lateral stability as well as a long service life. Integrated soft-closing produces a particularly smooth and gentle closing cycle.




A reach of the arm is all it takes ...

... to put your hand on the right cooking utensil.
This is the job of organisation systems that can be configured to suit individual needs.

They are available in plastic as well as in materials, such as wood, stainless steel or also in a combination of materials. Whether cutlery, wooden spoon, knife rack etc. or even saucepans and dishes, the right "placement helpers" provide secure, safe storage, keep everything neatly in its place and ensure practical access.

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Ein Griff genügtEin Griff genügtEin Griff genügtEin Griff genügt


Convenience for the wall unit

Lifting elements make everyday kitchen routine much more ergonomic. With their assistance, height adjustable work surfaces and cabinets can be moved to any level to suit the person using them.

Integrated in a kitchen's wall unit, its contents can be moved down at the press of a button, providing easier access, practical convenience and a better view of everything stored there. But new mechanical solutions also move a cabinet's contents towards its users. This way, an innovative pull-out transforms the classic wall unit into an ergonomic storage system with considerably more convenience for the user. Because the entire storage unit is moved down and presented in the front of the cabinet in one elegant movement cycle.




Keeping everything well-ordered ...

... that also applies to the base unit, and there's intelligent fitting technology for this too: simply pull out and the cabinet's contents glide forward to within easy reach.

This may be the baking tray in the 15mm midway unit or the baguette bag in its 30mm counterpart. Apart from larder units, this is where the appropriate system technology automatically moves the rear shelves out towards the user. This provides a clear view of provisions and optimises accessibility. But the fitting technology not only impresses in tall units. Intelligent systems of this type can also be used in corner or wall units. On opening the corner unit, the shelves move out all of the way. This not only provides storage for all pots and pans – it also makes every one of them very easy to reach. A fitting that simply turns cabinet contents to the front is also shown to be extremely convenient. This is made possible by revolving shelves, each of which can be turned through 360°.

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Unterschrank BeschlagtechnikUnterschrank BeschlagtechnikUnterschrank BeschlagtechnikUnterschrank Beschlagtechnik


Slide and Hide

Sliding doors impress both in terms of design and functionality. In everyday use, sliding doors demonstrate their strengths in terms of ergonomics and convenience. They are barrier-free and provide an unobstructed view of cabinet contents as well as easy access.

Sliding doors are ideal for carrying modern spacious interior design through into furniture because large-surface doors deliver the key to creating spaces with a purist look while reducing reveals to a minimum.
Sliding door systems are also available that manage completely without handles. A slight pull on the outer edge of the doors is all it takes to open or close them. They are also shown to be extremely practical and impressive design features in tall units used for storing provisions and electrical appliances. Ringing the changes between open and closed sections in furniture, sliding door systems make practical design elements in living-room storage units, shelf systems and kitchen wall cabinets.

Slide and hide

Slide and hideSlide and hideSlide and hideSlide and hide