Style-defining solo artists

An orchestra is only as good as its soloists
18. July 2018


Casually positioned free-standing pieces of furniture give rooms a feeling of more space. Whereas most items of furniture once led a static existence languishing along the wall, they are now advancing to become the centrepiece. What in architecture is a free-standing building is a standalone piece of furniture in interior design which can be a visual highlight as well as an integral part of a room-spanning furnishing concept.

For manufacturers, this means the art of designing a piece of furniture that harmoniously integrates into the room where it is practical to use and makes a real eye-catcher. From free-standing island to sideboard and from highboard to glass display cabinet, standalone furniture is extremely diverse:


Right on trend, for example, are display cabinets in which exquisite tableware, stylish glasses or decorative accessories are presented behind translucent, tinted or ornamented glass doors.

Sttel VitrineRotpunkt

Other individual furniture items simply hide things from view behind their fronts or accommodate them in their drawers. Or they provide a place for neatly arranging books.



Exclusive items of standalone furniture are key elements that contribute to a discerning style of furnishing with an individual touch. Entirely true to the motto: after all, an orchestra is only perfect when its soloists harmonise. In the showrooms along the Küchenmeile, you will find many items of distinctive, high-quality furniture made from exquisite materials featuring all manner of surface textures and timeless designs.