The new homeliness

Belle Époque re-defined
4. July 2018


Some like to have the kitchen, dining and living room to match, whereas others prefer it if the kitchen and dining room merge but the living room is kept completely separate.
Contrasting materials, colours and surface textures provide the key to interpreting personal living styles and senses of well-being. Purism meets the Bauhaus or retro style - or industrial or country style. The style mix of materiality, form and colour creates new, exciting scenarios that underscore the individuality of those who have composed their very own personal home ambience.


Cooking, eating and living just the way I like to, whether with furnishings perfectly matching in colour and materiality or with individual pieces distinguished by deliberate breaks in style and stealing the show with an exciting performance: a competent mix of high perceived quality, consistency and elegance. Understated plain decors, spearheaded by black, grey, white, as well as earthy intermediate tones impress as soloists ...


... or in a symbiosis with various wood designs which can sometimes come in a darker-type shade


As well as with harmonious materials, like glass or zinc, ceramic, concrete or natural stone and solid-surface materials based on them. Oak continues to dominate the wood designs. But robinia, ash, walnut, teak can also be found, to mention just a few.



Precious metals
Metals in finishes, such as gold, silver, brass, titanium or also zinc, are making an entrance, whether brushed, filled, matt or shiny. Incidentally, these materials are not only used in furniture-making, they also embellish walls, fabrics, lights and accessories.