LivingKitchen 2017

Kitchens - more individual than ever
28. February 2017

Farbige Akzente

Urbanisation – studio apartments; the dream house – open-plan living space solutions; the demand is both for fluid transitions between the kitchen, dining area and even the living space and also for the self-contained kitchen area.
Whether classic, modern or country house style, in each case the image is characterised by the blend of sophisticated colour and surface textures and high quality materials like wood, concrete, Corian, glass or organic glass, ceramic, stone or metal in different shades, in either original or reproduction finish according to price segment.

Whether colour-coordinated in a harmonious combination or in contrasting compositions like velvety and silky, matt and glossy, dark and light, with and without handles - each of the exhibits on show creates unique accents.

Simple, straightforward furniture and high quality finishes contribute to a modern look and are often oriented to the Bauhaus style. The cosy elegance of the country house style is convincing. Maybe a bit of bold colour, used as an accent in the furniture or in the ambient design in the form of colourful walls or accessories?
Wood decors make ideal combination partners for the timeless uni-decors with high-gloss lacquer or laminate finishes or with a velvet-matt appearance and feel, available in almost any choice of colour.

Shelf units and glass cabinets give the kitchen furniture a lighter appearance as well as creating fluid transitions to the living area. Island solutions are only rarely purely functional; their main purpose is to enable communication, whether when cooking or preparing food together or when people gather round to eat and drink in a convivial ambience.

The skilful combination of materials, colours and surface textures along with open and enclosed spaces creates furniture solutions characterised by tension or harmony. In this context the colour is probably still the most individual element in its perception. The kitchen as the room that has to work in its own right while at the same time is increasingly being referenced to the rest of the living space also picks up on this theme. With colourful furniture, colourful wallpaper and, naturally, colourful accessories, a composition of different materials and finishes, kitchens can be designed to suit the user’s personal taste and style. Whether that’s cosy and elegant, loose and light or loft-style relaxed.

Colourful highlights

Frabige AkzenteFarbige AkzenteFarbige AkzenteFarbige Akzente



Ton in TonTon in Ton


Mix and match

Mix and match

Mix and matchMix and matchMix and matchMix and match


Loose and light

Locker leicht

Locker leichtLocker leichtLocker leichtLocker leicht


Cosy elegance

Wohnliche Eleganz

Wohnliche EleganzWohnliche EleganzWohnliche EleganzWohnliche Eleganz


Loft-style relaxed

Loftig lässig

Loftig lässigLoftig lässigLoftig lässigLoftig lässig