Kitchens become living room furniture

Multifunctional and open
1. March 2020


Today's modern, contemporary kitchen is also a multifunctional living - feel good - pleasure room as well as the centre for personal and social contacts. It's the meeting place for the generations, with their diverse lifestyles and values, wishes and dreams, aspirations and possibilities.

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The interior designer uses colours, materials and surfaces to create a desired style or look. Extremely popular at the moment: the versatile, easy-to-combine architect's colour black. Interior design and fittings are the foundation not only for creating exceptional designs, but also for ensuring functionality.

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Living room furniture creates transitions
The open concept kitchen/living room remains an object of desire in 2020. Multifunctional furnishing solutions are becoming increasingly important. Free-standing room dividers are therefore becoming permanent fixtures. System shelves become the "intermediaries" between the living areas. Demi and tall units can be positioned freely in the room, and the backs finished in a homely look.

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Küchenmeile 2020Küchenmeile