Fitting technology

Symbiosis of design and technology
5. July 2018


Home living has changed significantly over the last five years. The home now needs to be practical while at the same time styled with an individual look that speaks to the senses. More and more, the kitchen is becoming the hub of the home. This is where technology, functionality, design, craftsmanship and stage setting now all meet.

Fittings with simple functionality for opening and closing sliding and hinged doors with soft-close function come as standard today.
The most important fitting technologies of the last five years have opened the way to the concealed use of complex and user-friendly fittings for drawers, pull-outs and interior organisation systems.



The fact that the fitting industry's silent push-to-open systems have revolutionised furniture design is beyond question.
The handleless design of furniture is playing an ever greater part in high-quality, modern design. Push-to-open systems make it possible to open drawers, hinged doors and flap doors without handles simply by pressing on the front – all in complete silence and without any electrical assistance. User-friendly features, such as soft, reliable closing, are still maintained. The wealth of design options that this technology has made possible is phenomenal.

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Homely glass display cabinets
Intelligent fitting technology also brings concealed perfection to doors and shelves made of glass. It discreetly retreats into the background and yet copes effortlessly with the high weight of glass elements.

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Interior organisation for aesthetes
Larder units, door shelves and intelligent corner unit solutions in a wide range of finishes help to individualise the cabinet interior. For instance, the rear of the full-extension drawer can be decoratively finished – matched in colour and material to the kitchen and in harmony with adjoining living areas.


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Equally as practical as they are attractive, the drawer partitioning systems for cutlery, pots, pans and other utensils also provide additional incentives to individualise and create new options for making homely statements with wood.


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Sliding-door systems are also making their way into the kitchen more then ever before, doing so with new dimensions of convenience. Sliding doors are bringing new impetus to kitchen design which, particularly at wall unit level, has long been dominated by hinged and flap doors. Above all, this is where pocket doors and complex slider systems really score points, in all furniture segments.
Sliding-door systems can easily be implemented as standard in any kitchen range, such as in the form of shelf elements or pantry units.



Over the years, advances in assembly and adjustment, small changes to the soft-closing function and running performance have meant that classic fittings will be able to prove their worth on the market in the long term, having made them what they are: classics on the cutting edge of technology.