Design for life – Experience the new built-in kitchen appliances
Perfect possibilities for combination, quality materials and intuitive operation are the hallmarks of our new generation of built-in kitchen appliances. Come along to Gut Böckel and see all that for yourself, as well as the perfect design harmony and the outstanding cleaning results with the new dishwasher generation.

Multi-zone edge extraction: Beautiful and effective  Miele is presenting new cooker hoods with multi-zone edge extraction. These models set standards in terms of aesthetics as multiple individual panels serve as decorative elements. To ensure a design that matches kitchen furniture, customers have a choice of panels in stainless steel or glass. Compared with a single screen, multiple individual panels offer considerable advantages: Cooking vapours are extracted both around the perimeter of the unit and in t
Tepan Yaki – Doing things the Japanese way  Making good even better has always been an integral part of the Miele company philosophy. A classic example is the new Tepan Yaki from the CombiSet series. The Tepan Yaki is a traditional Japanese appliance: Fish fillets, meat and vegetables are cooked directly on the heated stainless-steel surface of the unit. Thanks to intensive contact heat, stir-fries come out perfect, retaining flavours and releasing fine aromas through roasting with contact heat. The Tepan Y
DGC 5080 XL combination steam cooker  The new DGC 5080 XL combination steam cooker which is both fully fledged oven and steam cooker. The DGC 5080 XL shows its grandeur as soon as the door is opened, revealing a 39-litre cabinet. This puts this combi cooker designed to fit into a cabinetry recess with a height of 45 into a completely new league, also allowing the use of the multi-purpose baking sheet and wire rack used on 66-litre Miele ovens. Fan Plus, top and bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, two-stage
Table Artists promise culinary delights  Take a pinch of fine taste, spice it with a few show effects and a liberal helping of appliance technology and you have all the ingredients for a perfect presentation by Miele's Table Artists this year again at the Küchenmeile fair in September at Gut Böckel. 'Culinary infotainment' is the perfect description of the Table Artists' repertoire. Nevertheless, stage shows are not the order of their day as their agenda generally involves cooking with guests in their own c

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