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The demand for living space in the world's metropolises is growing in line with urbanisation. At the same time, property prices and rents are increasing while the available living space per person is declining, especially in new-builds.


People are still doing business with each other.
Apart from a few exceptions, the members of the A30 Küchenmeile e.V. marketing association will be holding their in-house exhibitions from 19-25.9.2020 (core trading hours), according to the general meeting on 28.5.2020.

Wohnen passgerecht

Planning ideas and modern room solutions allow the kitchen, dining and living room to become a single unit. Along with a coherent colour and material concept that divides the rooms and creates a homely atmosphere together with the use of light, individually matching furnishing is the basis for a home environment that allows us to feel at home and where we like to welcome guests.


Whenever and wherever possible, the communicative living room opens into the kitchen. This trend is supported by designing the interior and furnishing in styles, materials and colours that harmonize with each other.

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Today's modern, contemporary kitchen is also a multifunctional living - feel good - pleasure room as well as the centre for personal and social contacts. It's the meeting place for the generations, with their diverse lifestyles and values, wishes and dreams, aspirations and possibilities.

küchenmeile 2018

The exhibitors at the Küchenmeile, the world’s biggest kitchen show, will be opening their doors on 15.9.

Küchenmeile 2018

"We offer our retail partners more choice than ever in materials, colours and functions, as well as an extreme variety that enables them to create individual dream kitchens," is the promise that kitchen manufacturers along the Küchenmeile are again making to their visitors this year...

Poggenpohl Interior Design

Interior design is the comprehensive interplay between the space and the interior. Architecture and interior design are in symbiosis with each other. With the inclusion of individual wishes and tailored to individual requirements, they blend in a holistic design to become customised "living rooms".


Shelf units are furnishing classics. They can dominate a room, but can also be used sculpturally to lighten the ambience. They are eye-catchers and essential organisers in one!

Einzelstück Sideboard

Casually positioned free-standing pieces of furniture give rooms a feeling of more space. Whereas most items of furniture once led a static existence languishing along the wall, they are now advancing to become the centrepiece. What in architecture is a free-standing building is a standalone piece of furniture in interior design which can be a visual highlight as well as an integral part of a room-spanning furnishing concept.


Home living has changed significantly over the last five years. The home now needs to be practical while at the same time styled with an individual look that speaks to the senses. More and more, the kitchen is becoming the hub of the home. This is where technology, functionality, design, craftsmanship and stage setting now all meet.


Some like to have the kitchen, dining and living room to match, whereas others prefer it if the kitchen and dining room merge but the living room is kept completely separate.

Küchen mit Charisma

“Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma”.
A quote from John Fairchild that can definitely be applied to modern interior design and today’s kitchen planning.

Die hidden champions der küche

Every kitchen has its inner values. That starts with an aesthetically designed inner carcase, which can be colour-coordinated with the outer carcase, i.e. likewise in classic white, anthracite or a discreet textile design.

Küche ist Wohnen

The kitchen as a functional space peaked a few years ago. There is a growing desire for furnishing options that are open towards the living room or, at least, a cosy kitchen design and along with that, a proliferation of solutions proposed by the kitchen furniture industry permitting maximum individuality, with or without handles.

Küchenmeile 2017

Die Aussteller der weltweit größten Küchenshow Küchenmeile öffnen am 16.9. ihre Pforten.

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren von neuesten innenarchitektonischen Planungsideen.

Küchenmeile 2017

Variety is the spice of life. It gives each one of us the possibility of portraying ourselves the way we want – architecturally and technically. Individual, urban interior design that does more than just create room for the personality provides scope for modern stylistic directions.


A dining area goes well with any kitchen. In open-plan layouts it links the living space with the cooking space. If it is accommodated within the kitchen itself, depending on the room size and arrangement it can take the form of a big table, part of the cooking or preparation island, an add-on table or a small foldout or foldaway table solution.

Kochen und Wohnen

Fluid transitions between kitchen and dining room are almost standard nowadays. A sitting area with a big or – depending on the room size – even a small dining table just has to be part of it.

Kleine Küchen. Planung.

The average kitchen in Germany still measures about 13 square metres. Like the Frankfurt kitchen in the past, the kitchen has for decades - both in apartment blocks and in houses - mainly been regarded as merely a functional space for a specific purpose. ...