Work-bench in stone
The new, handle-free design AV 7030 GL is a real surprise, both to the eye and to the touch – particularly when you discover that the front is crafted from real slate. An exciting manufacturing process: the slate is cut to a thickness of just a few millimetres. Then, the back of the layer is reinforced with fibreglass and connected to the MDF supporting panel. The open surface is additionally sealed. A truly extraordinary design, characterised by its wonderful golden-green colour.

Showcased in combination with a free-standing work surface in the style of a ‘work bench’, which is characterised by a striking pedestal. Here, a custom-made, round sink creates a contrast to the masculine design.

AV 7030 GL Gold Green / Häcker Küchen
UNO Golden yellow - With regard for the exceptional and attention to detail: the refined combination of cool white and warm yellow, which is found again on the handles.
BALI Oak sand - Optimum organisation in any kitchen: the designer shelf in the new trend colour kiwi offer multifaceted options.
NEO Red / Basalt grey - Being in high spirits with red, perfectly combined with the calm basalt grey.
LASER BRILLANT Pearl grey - Shelves and cabinets visually loosen up any kitchen. The choice of technical fittings is flexible and they can therefore be used simply and individually.
UNO Teal / ATLANTA Yew white - A real dream team: the subtle, white wood structure and the trend colour petrol. Handles are unnecessary thanks to the integrated grooved strip and the colour can impress over the entire surface.
AV 5081 GL Oak grey / AV 4030 GL White high gloss - Clean lines, but with curves – that is what the future of the kitchen looks like. With vertical elements that outgrow themselves and fit in perfectly.
AV 5082 Wild oak light veneered / AV 5090 Design glass white - When very different materials and colours enter into symbiosis, big things happen. With plenty of space for free development and strong shapes that give the space its own individual structure.
AV 5083 GL Dark pine veneered / AV 4030 GL Light grey high gloss lacquer - The kitchen is certainly fresh, but by no means undercooked. With a minimalistic design vocabulary that all boils down to modern design and fronts that highlight natural contrasts.
AV 5080 Maritime pine fineline veneered / AV 5025 Magnolia high gloss lacquer - Timeless beauty. This kitchen is filling the room discreetly and perfectly.
AV 6000 Teal satin lacquer / AV 1092 Grey pine - Good design has no reason to be shy. This is where the joy of a kitchen is close enough to touch. Not only thanks to the accentuating handles, but also due to the modern, flat extensive colour concept.
AV 4030 Lava grey high gloss lacquer - Shine across the whole surface. More freedom thanks to pocket doors – just let everything disappear behind the doors. Or let the doors disappear and open up a view of what is behind them: a perfectly organised kitchen that has nothing to hide.

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