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Our well thought out System 15 grid system and the outstanding consistency of our product make kitchen planning easy and flexible, to suit every taste, in any size and for all budgets. Express Kitchens has been successfully established on the market for three years now and produces about 250 kitchens per day. The export share is over 40%. With the focus on the essential, we are on course for success again in 2014 with our innovations and product enhancements.

Express Küchen
That's the way kitchens should be!  No more complicated kitchen planning and design. Our System 15 makes it really easy for you to get the new kitchen you want. Well thought-out, reliable and with complete design freedom. Perfect in form and function every time, for any room. Always with clearly structured lines in both height and width. You can combine things as you want and gain extra storage space. Pullouts and drawers provide lots of room for your kitchen utensils. Electrical appliances are neatly built

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