Beckermann Küchen GmbH

Kitchen worlds to feel at home in

More than 120 years of Beckermann Küchen. The popular traditional and own brand of the specialist trade stands for reliable marketing of versatile kitchens in the mid-range to top-of-the-range price segment.
The company's recipe for success: Specialist trade loyalty in addition to the finest materials, mass customisation, an extraordinarily wide variety of planning options and almost unlimited equipment possibilities. The result is inspiring kitchens with a guaranteed profit margin. Kitchen worlds to feel at home in. Versatile comfort landscapes with extrinsic and intrinsic values that will give their owners many years of pleasure.

Paradiso Marmor Schwarz & Peru Perlgrau
VARIO pull-out panel for self-labelling
Marble Xtreme surface
Paradiso MarmorGrau & Tessina LaercheAnthrazit
SilviaBeton & Metallic Chrom
Metallic Kupfer & SienaXTreme Polarweiss
SienaXTreme Schwarz & Dover Risseiche
Nova Schwarz & Dover Risseiche
MonacoMatt RAL
Chalet Weiss & Windsor Schwarz

Beckermann Küchen GmbH
Tenstedter Strasse 50
49692 Cappeln
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Company exhibition / display 15th-20th Sept. 2018
area30 (booth E51, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.)
Lübbecker Straße 29
32584 Löhne (A30, exit 30)