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The demand for living space in the world's metropolises is growing in line with urbanisation. At the same time, property prices and rents are increasing while the available living space per person is declining, especially in new-builds.


People are still doing business with each other.
Apart from a few exceptions, the members of the A30 Küchenmeile e.V. marketing association will be holding their in-house exhibitions from 19-25.9.2020 (core trading hours), according to the general meeting on 28.5.2020.

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Planning ideas and modern room solutions allow the kitchen, dining and living room to become a single unit. Along with a coherent colour and material concept that divides the rooms and creates a homely atmosphere together with the use of light, individually matching furnishing is the basis for a home environment that allows us to feel at home and where we like to welcome guests.


Whenever and wherever possible, the communicative living room opens into the kitchen. This trend is supported by designing the interior and furnishing in styles, materials and colours that harmonize with each other.

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Today's modern, contemporary kitchen is also a multifunctional living - feel good - pleasure room as well as the centre for personal and social contacts. It's the meeting place for the generations, with their diverse lifestyles and values, wishes and dreams, aspirations and possibilities.

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The exhibitors at the Küchenmeile, the world’s biggest kitchen show, will be opening their doors on 15.9.


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Ihr Messeplaner für die A30 Küchenmeile vom 19.-25.09.2020.

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Partnerschaft gelebt...
...das dokumentieren die 28 Hersteller, die sich unter dem Dach der Marketinggemeinschaft A30 Küchenmeile e.V. zusammengeschlossen haben und gemeinsam zwei Drittel des Gesamtumsatzes der deutschen Küchenmöbelindustrie repräsentieren.

Die Aussteller entlang der Küchenmeile haben es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, ihre Industrie- und Handelspartner im September eines jeden Jahres zu sich einzuladen.

Ziel ist es nicht nur, über die aktuellen Designtrends rund um Küchenmöbel, Geräte, Spülen und Zubehör zu informieren, sondern sich gleichermaßen mit den kritischen Fragen und konstruktiven Anregungen ihrer Kunden auseinander zu setzen.

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