Our Kitchen worlds: Fascinating technologies. Elegant designs.

„Create your world“ is more than just a guiding theme, it is a passion for Life. For decades, Pronorm has stood for innovative spirit and robustness, thus documenting the new trend in all things related to cooking and living.

Y-line ML xeroxgrau / Maximum design orientation
Y-line ML xeroxgrau / Full-length doors give the kitchen a clear look.
X-line BU Brilliantcubanit / Classic and demanding: A simple design language with clear lines: X-line adds a personal touch to seemingly spacious interior design.
proline ML Lacklaminat indigoblau / Innumerable design options and total planning security: proline128 the ergonomically conceived grid system for kitchens, has been thought through to the very last detail. So that daily activities can be dealt with in a jiffy.
proline TU Eiche San Remo Sand mit ML Lacklaminat schwarz
classicline MD kristallweiß supermatt / Fascinating aura, form and function in a state of perfect equilibrium. Perfectly planned, the kitchen is clearly structured according to areas of activity.

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